Medication management

COPD prescribing tool for primary care

Health Quality and Safety Commission – medication charting standards

Medications Act 1981  is the basis for all medication policies and procedures in health.  The Standing Order regulations 2002 dictate how standing orders must be managed in any health care environment, there was an Amendment 2011 which also need to be considered when reviewing/writing standing orders

Medicines care guide  is a user friendly publication to guide practice in Age-related residential care environments

NZ Pharmacovigilance  Centre a New Zealand website for reporting medication adverse events

Oxycodone  first introduced to NZ in the early 2000s initially regarded as “new and improved” strong analgesic.  However it has proved to have similiar side effects to morphine.  The danger for older adults is that it is about twice as strong as morphine so “small doses” can give staff a false sense of security.  GPs are being urged to carefully consider the use of this medication

Reducing harm from medications a key focus on insulin, warfarin and opioids (open for better care a Health Quality and Safety initiative.