AgeWISE seminar 2017 presentations

  1. Smarthealth in Aged Residential Care  2) Older Persons and Rehabilitation   3) Welfare Guardian Trust   4) Volunteers Waikato  5) Virtual Health Care   6) Arthritis NZ   7) InterRAI share information   8) Online Education wound care  9) Kaumatua Mana Motuhake  10) Vulnerable older adults  11) Kaupapa: Tino Rangatiratanga

Bariatric Equipment Principles for Cost Sharing  Bariatric  needs in Age related residential care (for long-term residents funded under the ARRC agreement) can be complex especially where there are multiple co-morbidities.  The guidelines are a useful starting point for conversations with ARRC providers, clinical staff, and DHB clinicians about cost sharing for these patients.   Waikato DHB is working internally to ensure a pathway for discharge planning for people with bariatric needs that interfaces with the attached flowchart.

Health Practitioners (statutory references to medical practitioners) bill passed its third reading in Parliament.
On August the 7th 2017.  This gives Nurse Practitioners and other health professionals rights to complete documents and legal processes that were previously exclusive to doctors those relevant to gerontology with a start date of 31st January 2018 are listed below.  See the acts for details

The Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Amendment Act 2016 .
The Burial and Cremation Amendment Act 2016
The Medicines Amendment Act 2016
The Misuse of Drugs Amendment Act 2016

New Zealand dieticians are introducing standardised terms for modified diets – see website, information letter

The Right to die in New Zealand a summary of the law principles from Buddle Findlay New Zealand Lawyers.  The recent case preserved the status quo there is no legal support for assisted dying in New Zealand.