Nursing procedures, evidence based articles and on-line learning centre:

Ko Awatea LEARN is a eLearning and education community with a wide range of programmes, courses, and community forums available to all nursing staff in the Waikato DHB region.  It is designed to support staff to continue their learning.  Subjects include quality improvement, patient safety, communication, leadership, and patient-centered care and clinical procedures.

To register and use the tool:

  1. Go to Ko Awatea LEARN
  2. Click on “register”
  3. Click on “Create a New Account”
  4. Complete the form-provide your work email address if you have one. For “organization” choose Waikato District Health Board, provide your employee number or our Nursing Council registration number.
  5. Click on “Join Ko Awatea LEARN”
  6. If your email is not accepted or you need help, contact the Waikato DHB Library on 07 8398880 or email