Clinical support (tools)

Looking for yellow transfer forms R1046HWF Emergency care age related residential  and yellow transfer envelopes   Aged care transfer envelope picture .   Just email Julie Daltrey

Advance Care Planning is a process that helps people understand what the future might hold and to say what treatment and / or care they would and would not want.  It helps people, their families and their healthcare teams plan for future and end of life care.  This website has tools, guideline and an online education package.

Diabetes foot screening tool and guideline and cardiovascular risk online calculator

Guiding principles for pressure injuries   (2017) provides New Zealand healthcare professionals and organisations with a high-level framework for best-practice care in preventing and managing pressure injuries

Interventions to Reduce Acute Care Transfers INTERACT II  is a quality improvement programme that focuses on the management of acute changes in resident condition. It is an American based programme that includes clinical tools and strategies for use in every day practice in long-term care facilities (look at the tools page)

Map of Medicine 

Map of medicine is an internationally recognised web–based software tool that has evidence-based clinical care pathways covering all major areas of healthcare.Information Sheet

Map of medicine allows clinicians to access evidence based local guidance and clinical decision support at the point of care. Clinical care maps connect all the knowledge and services around a clinical condition and can be customised to reflect local needs by clinicians looking to support clinical decision making.

The nursing staff in Aged Related Residential Care services and Home Based Services can access maps to support decision making and help when seeking support from primary practice.

All 5 Midland DHBs (Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Lakes, Tairawhiti and Taranaki) and all of their Primary Health Organisations have collaborated to develop Midland Region NZ clinical pathways.

Please contact Kate Yeo or Lindsay Duncan if you have questions

Maps of Medicine link

To obtain a user name and password an e-mail can be sent to  providing full name, practice/organisation and position details. Map of Medicine Doc

Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) internationally validated tool for practice.  Identifies mild cognitive impairment to dementia.

NZ Pharmacovigilance  Centre a New Zealand website for reporting medication adverse events

Opioid equivalent conversion charts from Hospice Waikato a guide to opioid strengths: Need to know how strong oxycodone is compared to morphine? see guide 1 and guide 2

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario has over 50 tools and guidelines on subjects relevant to the care of the older adult, listed alphabetically examples include; pain, pressure ulcers, depression, dementia, delirium, chronic kidney disease, hypertension, oral health, ostomy care, constipation, falls and stroke