Clinical support (services)

Hospice waikato provides a variety of specialised care services for people who are dying, includes nursing support, medical support and counselling services

Older Persons and Rehabilitation:  This service provides assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services for older people (aged 65+ & those close in age & characteristics).  Services are provided in hospital, outpatient clinics, and in the community.  Disability Support link is the needs assessment and service coordination section of the older persons service.  All services are accessed via a single point of entry referral form 

Parkinsons Disease Society  is a community based, non-profit organisation.  It has a local branch supported by a national office in Wellington.

Waikato District Health Board  community and hospital services referral information (GP helpline, Mental health services older adult, electives and outpatients, urology and referral guidelines for clinics and services)