Relevant courses and providers

Hospice Waikato Education    Hospice Waikato run a Fundamentals Programme, a series of 9 sessions that runs 3 times a year.  Hospice also provide monthly syringe driver competency workshops, a monthly one hour break lecture series, health care assistant course and other items on request.

Waikato Institute of Technology Level 7 (graduate level) include 1) Preceptor course  2) Wound care  3) Diabetes  4) Professional supervision

Wound care – post graduate

Graduate diploma infection control  Waiariki Institute of Technology.  To develop skills and knowledge to coordinate, develop and implement an infection prevention and control programme within a health, disability or aged care setting

Health Ed Trust    is  a not-for-profit trust that aims to improve health care through education. Programmes are written especially for support workers in the health and disability sector, including residential care and home based support.